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The Final Results Are In!

The overall winners were Tennessee Tech University taking first place, Universite Laval in second, and The University of Alabama--Birmingham (UAB) taking home third.


Rounding out the top ten were Universite de Sherbrooke, Ohio Northern University, Ecole De Technologie Superieure, Queen’s University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech and Cornell University.


Here are the Detailed Results available from SAE.

Supplier List, Restaurants, and Paddock Layout Map Now Available

Check out the Supplier List & Food List in the Welcome Section.  We hope this information is useful to you as you plan to visit the North Alabama area.


Also, check out the Paddock Area Map to get an idea of how the paddocs will be laid out.



Competition Maps Now Available

Flyers with the competiton schedule and map will be handed out on-site, but you don't have to wait until then to scope out the event site.  The latest versions of the Competition Maps have now been made available on the Maps Page.  PDF versions are also available there if you would like to save/print them.




Latest Construction Pictures Posted

Check out the most recent photos of the Endurance Course.







Event Posters Posted

BajaSAE Birmingham will use Event Posters to help communicate the details of the dynamic events.  Check them out online before arriving for a heads-up on what to expect!





New Endurance Preview Video

Check out the latest updates to the Endurance Course in the newest video.






Check Out Our On-Site Food Options

Teams, here is a list of what vendors and types of food will be available during each day of our competition.  Not all meals are provided, so see the Food Menu and make your plans accordingly.






Pre-Order T-Shirts & Food in the Online Store

Special BajaSAE Birmingham T-Shirts are available by pre-order only!  If your team is interested in these and wants to be able to pick them up at competition, be sure to place your order before April 1st.


Also available:
Boston Butt Dinners for Friday night (pre-order only, by Apr 7)
Extra Awards Banquet Meal Tickets for Sunday afternoon (pre-order only, by Apr 7)

Welcome Letter & Updated Schedule Now Available

Please read the Welcome Letter prior to leaving for competition!


Also, we moved the start of the Endurance Race up just a bit on Sunday.  Be sure to look over the latest version of the Competition Schedule.

Endurance Preview Video Released

Here is a really rough sneak peek at the endurance course!







Last Chance to Register!

This just in!  SAE has extended registration for the BajaSAE Birmingham competition one last time.  This special window begins on Jan 31 and ends at 3pm EST on Friday, Feb 4


If your team was considering the Birmingham event but was not able to commit in December, act now!  Register today.


Also, check out our latest construction pictures.

Volunteer Signup is Now Open

The Volunteer Section and Online Signup Form is now up and running. 


Come have an active part in a really fun event.  Many jobs are available.  No prior expereince is requried (offroad or racing expereince is a plus).  Signup today!

Hotel List Now Available

A list of hotels is now available in the Welcome section.  A map has also been included.  Please check the location and make your reservations as soon as possible.






After Race, Stony Lonesome Open to Baja Cars!

After the conclusion of BajaSAE Birmingham 2011 (including the awards presentation), teams will be able to ride any of the many OHV trails throughout the rest of the park.

Teams that want to take advantage of this time in the park must abide by all park rules and will need to sign-in with the park office before being allowed into the general areas of the park. For more information, see the rules info at

On-Site Cabins Available for Rent

Stony Lonesome has a number of brand new cabins for rent. If your team is looking for a convenient place to stay or to save some money on lodging, check them out!

The cabins have bunk beds that sleep 4. Each has AC/Heat and its own bathroom/shower. You must bring your own pillows, linens, and other supplies, so be sure to check out the Cabin Information Sheet and Pictures of the Cabins first.

Call the Stony Lonesome office at 256-287-1133 to make a reservation.

The Endurance Track and Water Event are Underway

Stony Lonesome has started construction of the 1.5- 2mile endurance track, including an “M” shaped water feature that is ~80 feet wide by 6 feet deep and about a 1000 feet long. Other features of the track will be an arena-style portion with jumps, table tops, moguls, and banked turns followed by a portion curving through the woods of Alabama.

Pictures of the track progression to come shortly!

Stony Lonesome OHV Park is the Site Host for Baja Birmingham!

Stony Lonesome in Cullman County, AL will be the location of all events for the 2011 Baja SAE Birmingham competition. Stony Lonesome is a growing OHV Park with over 1450 acres of trails for all forms of OHV activity. The team at Stony is excited about hosting this event and will be crafting a custom track just for BajaSAE!

To find out more information about the park you can visit